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Greater Noida, a satellite town in the National Capital Region of Delhi (popularly known as Delhi NCR), is fast becoming a dream destination for residential and office purposes. Jaypee Group has been proudly associated with the infrastructural development of this region since its inception. Many people living in India and abroad have become associated with Greater Noida and with Jaypee Group, in terms of their residences/offices, or for availing sports facilities of international standards provided by the Group.

In such a State-of-the-Art city with marvelous facilities, what was probably missing was a good school that could establish and further the education philosophy of the Jaypee Group “विनय कौशलाभिव्यक्ति”. To meet this need, Jaypee Public School was established in Greater Noida under the aegis of Jai Prakash Sewa Sansthan. It started on 11 April 2011 with classes from Nursery to Class-IV, and expanded next year upto Class-VII. Today, in its sixth year, the school has classes till up to Class-XII and has become affiliated to CBSE.

Needless to say the school has the best infrastructure fully air conditioned spacious well-lit class rooms; well-secured through a boundary wall; iron gates with round the clock security. Not only that, it has eye catching lush green fencing, lawns and a beautiful field for sport Facilities.
From the start, we have got children from diverse backgrounds, and teachers came to join us with their rich experience from various schools. A conglomeration of different personalities with different ideas, different outlook and different exposure fitted perfectly, like pieces of colorful jigsaw to form a beautiful landscape. The abundant enthusiasm today is almost infectious.

Keeping in mind the crucial and innovative learning style of CBSE, the pedagogy was evolved. On the question of “how the children should learn?” the answer unanimously was “First by doing, followed by enquiry, reflection and conclusions". Hence from the very beginning, week by week, month by month syllabus, activities, programs, projects, excursions, art, music, dance, drama, storytelling, role play, enactments, quizzes, riddles, outdoor and indoor games and lot of fun got incorporated.

The school has thus become a place not limited to class room education but overall learning. Where every day is a new day, where heat & dust, rain & storm, fog & cold is synonymous to positive challenges. Where coming to school means yet another day being used fruitfully. With the passing of time the school is now better equipped, more organized and has carved a niche for itself, yet is ready for all the challenges always looking forward to new dreams new excitement, new enthusiasm, new vigor and new zest. There is lot to learn, explore and understand.

In future the school does not want to remain just a school but yearns to become an “Institution” known for its culture, proficient in the field of language, arts and science, with equal emphasis on physical and spiritual aspects of human life. A place which produces a complete human being. A citizen who is a good human being with positive attitude ready to take challenges of life living in peace with and in harmony with ones’ surroundings.

Email : jps.grnoida@gmail.com

Contact No: 0120 2324151 - 52