Commercial Notices/Agreement Notices/Agreement Date
1. Boomerang Club WishTown Noida - Membership Transfer Charges from 1st Jan 2022 Dec 27, 2021
2. WishTown Noida - Maintenance Agreement
3. Execution of sub lease deed for units where 'Offer of Possession' Letters have been issued
4. Implications of the Goods And Services Tax, Effective July 1, 2017 July 10, 2017
5. GST Effective. July 1, 2017
6. Important Announcement for Residential buyers. Jan 2017
7. Notice For Residential Plot Owners of Jaypee Greens Wish Town India. March 2016
8. The Applicants may send their request (Application Form and other requisite documents) for provisional allotment of any available residential unit either directly to the Company or through his/their agent (Broker). In case an Applicant decides to send his request through his agent (Broker), all terms between the Applicant and his agent shall remain strictly bilateral, between them, without any involvement of the Company. Read more August 2013
9. For existing customers; Non-acceptance of third party cheques. Jul 2013