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Kingswood Oriental are independent homes at Wish Town Noida and are set on 5 basic pillars of life- Long Life, Harmony, Beauty, Happiness and Blessed. It is an exclusive community that offers unparalleled ambience and lifestyle. The architecture for these homes has been inspired from the ‘Orient’s and imbibes the use of wood, bamboo and colourful stones. These opulent homes are surrounded by the stunning Bonsai landscapes, Zen gardens, and alluring water bodies. The various elements incorporated in Kingswood Oriental creates a personal haven for the residents providing perfect living for the select few who have the taste of finer things and want to explore the rare luxury lifestyle. One of the key attractions of Kingswood Oriental is its clubhouse, which has rich and elegant ambience created as an ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. An ornamental and South East style design forms the basis of the architecture of the clubhouse. The Kingswood Oriental homes are offered in areas ranging from 384.53 sq. mt., to 525.09 sq. mt.